Sweet Tea

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Sweet Tea Cookies vape Cart

Sweet Tea Cookies vape Cart for sale. Cookies dispensary and Seed Junkie Genentics created cookies vape pen Sweet Tea flavor, a sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain. Cookies cart vape Sweet Tea for sale gets its name from its highly sweet flavor profile, which tastes like fragrant jasmine tea and sugared oranges. When you exhale, you’ll notice a woody aroma that helps to reduce the sharpness of the citruss.

This cookies disposable vape pen flavor produces a strong head high that finally gives way to a soothing effect that spreads throughout your body. Cookies vape Sweet Tea is available in little, round nuggets that are brilliant green with yellow and orange hairs. This cookies disposable vape carts strain is popular among medical marijuana patients due to its potential to alleviate symptoms associated with persistent depression and anxiety.

Sweet Tea Cookies vape Cart

Cookies carts Strains available; Cookies, Sunset Sherbert, Gelato, London Pound Cake, SnowmanLemonchelloGary Payton, London Kush, London Pound Cake x KM 10

Buy 500mg Cookies dispensary Premium thc Vape Cartridge.

Genetics: London Pound Cake 75 x Kush Mints 11

Aroma: Sweet, earthy lemon tea

Flavor: Rich, smooth jasmine

How to tell if I bought a fake cookies cart or real Cookies cart?

All real Cookies carts for sale are only available in half grams (500mg or 0.5ml for the less-metrically inclined). It is a fake if you notice a Cookies cart or cookies vape pen for sale in a full gram (1g, 1000mg or 1ml) offering. It should not be smoked. Genuine CCELL batteries are included in real cookies carts, and a G Pen Gio battery is optional. Cookies Carts for sale and cookies thc vape carts can only be purchased via our official website and Authorized Retailers.