Night Drops – Tincture CEREAL MILK

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Night Drops Tincture CEREAL MILK

Night Drops Tincture CEREAL MILK for sale. Cookies carts Tincture of Night Drops cookies carts vape Cereal milk Fruit with gas. Cookies flavor OG is sweet and sugary. This cookies vape pen product is ideal for usage at night because of its distinctive terpene profile and the inclusion of skullcap and valerian root as supplements. Each lab-tested, full-spectrum CBD tincture made from hemp provides variable dosing with a measured dropper.

Night Drops Tincture CEREAL MILK

CBD Content:
30ct: 300mg hemp-derived CBD
75ct: 750mg hemp-derived CBD

Full spectrum hemp-derived CBD oil
Contains less than 0.3% THC

Ingredients: FD&C blue 1, glycerin, purified water, gelatin, valerian root, natural terpenes, CBD distillate, skullcap, and MCT oil

Directions: With water, take 1 to 3 capsules. Approximately an hour after the start.

Dosing: Each capsule includes about 1 mg of CBD extracted from hemp.

Storage: Keep at room temperature and dry.


15ML, 30ML

How to tell if I bought a fake cookies cart or real Cookies cart?

All real Cookies carts for sale are only available in half grams (500mg or 0.5ml for the less-metrically inclined). It is a fake if you notice a Cookies cart or cookies vape pen for sale in a full gram (1g, 1000mg or 1ml) offering. It should not be smoked. Genuine CCELL batteries are included in real cookies carts, and a G Pen Gio battery is optional. Cookies Carts for sale and cookies thc vape carts can only be purchased via our official website and Authorized Retailers.