A Hall of Fame baller smoking Hall of Fame smoke

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Gary Payton is no longer in the NBA, but the Hall of Fame point guard is still putting on a show.

The Glove cookies carts Australia, which is now available at Cookies and Lemonade locations throughout California, is named after Payton’s well-known moniker for his extraordinary defensive abilities on the court. And, like dribbling upcourt with Gary on defense, The Glove will have you trapped.

The Glove is a cross of Cookies’ famed Gary Payton cultivar developed by Powerzzzup Genetics and Seed Junky’s legendary Jealousy. It has the burnt rubber and fuel terps that earned Gary its place on Mt. Rushmore, combined with a black licorice flavor and aroma for a complex and undeniably exotic profile.

The Glove is a powerful hitter with an immediate euphoric head change and couch-locking body high that has more than simply fantastic bag appeal.

Pick up an eighth of The Glove now at Cookies carts for sale and Lemonnade locations around California, and keep an eye out for the brand new taste to arrive in Cookies locations across the country shortly!

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